List of RRCA Priorities

The list was created by the members of the RRCA during a regularly scheduled meeting in November’s meeting. The¬†list will be revisited and revise as¬†needed.

1. Community Sprint
a. POA/HOA/Taxing Entity Unity Cooperation
b. Creation of Community / Town Center
c. Beautification
i. Signage
ii. Greenery

2. Traffic
a. Grand Parkway
b. Traffic Control
c. Better or more Community access in and out of the area

3. Crime Control
a. Sexual/ Child Offense
b. Gang Activity
c. Police Coverage
d. Burglaries

4. Education
a. The need for representation on the Conroe ISD School Board from our Area
b. The concern for facility overcrowding.

5. Infrastructure
a. Road Improvements
b. Construction Noise (associated with new construction)

6. County Support
a. Funding for Improvement Projects

7. Senior Development
a. The area need for Senior Residential Facilities.

8. Communication
a. The notification to area residents of Municipal Utility District meetings and elections.
b. Website (The RRCA is working establish this item.)
c. Resource Development
d. 77386 Newsletter
e. Political Updates
f. Development Knowledge Awareness

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    RRCA is an advocacy group representing the Rayford Road Corridor.The mission is to serve our area by building a strong sense of community

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